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When it comes to building from bottom-up, J&J heating and Air Conditioning commitment to quality cannot be beat. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise is based on over 20 years of quality installation, repair service, installation, and preventative maintenance. We understand that building or renovating is a huge investment and our goal to help you with that, is to simply make sure your HVAC

New Construction

New Construction. The main key to a successful job is to maintain a schedule. J&J heating and Air Conditioning, we can do more than keep the schedule, we can beat your schedule. Our approach to every construction project we take on is to do it right the first time. We do not just talk the talk, any contractor can promise quality – we actually walk the walk. With our experience and knowledge on anything HVAC, we will ensure that each compound of your project has been installed to meet yours and your customers’ expectations.

Replacing existing Air Conditioning

Replacement of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems. Replacing a unit is a major home improvement decision. Overall cost, utility rebates, manufacturers difference, overall efficiency, and more will come into account. These have the ability to become extremely confusing, however with J&J Heating and Air Conditioning, this process will be slightly easier. As our expert technicians will assist you in deciding whether it is necessary to replace or maintain your recent unit. If it comes down to replacing you furnace or air conditioning unit, we are able to provide you with many different options to choose from.